No Wake Zone!

Boating Regulatory Zones: What is a 'No Wake' Zone?

As a boater, it's important to understand and be conscious of the "wake" that your boat leaves behind as it cuts through the water at different speeds. A wake is basically the v-shaped wave created by the displacement of the boat as it passes through the water. At speed, the larger and heavier the boat, the larger the wake, but at a very slow speed most boats create almost no wake.

Although the Hitchcock Bay No Wake Zone in the marina is governed by a speed limit this does mean your vessel can still create to a wake at that max speed.  Please slow down in the marina to help preserve our shore line and marina for years to come.  Every boat is different so please reduce your speed and visually look at the wake your boat is creating and use sound judgment to respect the area.

More information about boating in Saskatchewan can be found here:

⚠️ Boater Safety Reminder ⚠️

‼️Multiple Reports have been made of boaters coming into bays at high speeds.

⚠️REMINDER from your boater safety that speed limit is 10km when within 30 meters of the shoreline.

✳️ Please be courteous to docks and boats on the shore as well as mindful of swimmers, kayaks, paddle boards, etc.