Quads, Motor Bikes All-Terrain vehicles Quads, Motor Bikes & All-Terrain vehicles are not allowed on the green spaces. There is a designated area across from the boat launch from the west side of the marina to the fence that can be used for these vehicles.


Cook Shack

The cook shack is available for use by Hitchcock Bay community members between May 1st and Sept 15th.  Committee Members:  Patty Forrest, Aaron Spence, Judy Wilson, Paula Crawford, Daphne Hanneson, Edie Reucker, and Wayne Vaxvick.  Please click here for the cookshack use guidelines.  Please email jdspence@yourlink.ca or contact any member if you need information. 



The compose pile has move just north east from the old location, up the hill behind the caragana trees. There are signs posted. You can dump leaves, grass clippings and trees at that site. NO GARBAGE or other materials like painted lumber as it cannot be burnt.


Garbage Disposal

Loraas Environmental out of North Battleford phone # 306-445-3900.




Treated Water Contacts -

If any residents have trouble with the treated water including shut off and turn on, please contact 

Kerri Cole - 306-222-3442

Jeff Tanzell - 306-858-7405


Non potable - 

The outside irrigation system is now operational for the watering season. All cabin owners must access the system for all outside irrigation purposes. The use of treated water (from cabins) for irrigation uses is prohibited.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Water Securities PDF regarding contamination of the water system. The potable and non-potable water systems cannot be tied together in any way.


Sewage Disposal

Vast Contracting Services  306-858-7169.


Boat Launch

The boat launch stickers are available through Bob Long or Cheyanne at the boat launch (she worked it last year) There is no charge for residents to obtain a boat launch sticker. The annual fee is $50 and the daily fee is $10 for all other people using the boat launch.


Invasive Mussels

Please see the following PDF files ZEBRA and QUAGGA MUSSELS and How to Stop Invasive Species




Recycle Bin is available for use in the Town of Birsay (Main Street across from the RM office). The Birsay Land Fill is opened Mondays and Saturdays from 8am to noon for household garbage, wood, metal, trees, etc.


If residents wish to donate their cans and bottles, they can drop them off outside the maintenance shed. The funds are used for our community.


Emergency Services


Hitchcock Resort emergency contacts are as follows:



Outlook & District Health Centre

Ph: (306) 867-8676


Lucky Lake Health Center

1st Ave, Lucky Lake

Ph: (306)858-2116


RCMP Detachments



215 Saskatchewan Ave

Ph: (306) 867-5440


Lucky Lake/Kyle RCMP

415 Centre St

Ph: (306) 375-5510




Outlook / Lucky Lake - 911